Third round table and final event with a demonstration dedicated to road safety was held in Cherven Bryag

A third round table concerning road safety was held in Cherven Bryag. The project was launched on January 31, 2020, with a focus on prevention and road safety, and the aim of the whole info campaign is to ensure high awareness of the population of the municipalities of Cherven Bryag and the municipality of Alexandria.

During the event  have been discussed the road safety of all road users, what are the risks, possible actions to prevent road accidents and to increase the safety of both pedestrians and drivers. According to experts, children and the elderly are the most vulnerable groups in this regard. Adolescents need additional information and training to develop their social skills on the road. And with age, many people deteriorate their abilities and need extra attention to be safe participants in traffic. Representatives of various stakeholders spoke about the good practices in the field – in the country and abroad, and outlined the need to take additional preventive measures both in practice and in law.

As part of the initiative, a final event with a demonstration for safe driving was realized.

Various techniques and methods for safe behavior on the road were shown, which concern all road users and aim to raise their awareness. Guests were students from PGHT “Yuri Gagarin”, citizens and representatives of the municipality of Cherven Bryag. The host was Tsvetomir Tsvetkov, owner of a driving school and ambassador of the campaign among the local public, an undisputed authority and expert on road safety.

All participants agreed that there should be constant proactive work and awareness on the topic, because this is one of the ways to save human life. It is no coincidence that the slogan of the campaign is the clear message – BE CAREFUL ON THE ROAD! EVERY HUMAN LIFE IS VALUABLE!

The campaign is part of the ROBG-306 Project Better Connection of Alexandria and Cherven Bryag to TEN-T Network. The project is aimed at important common challenges related to the poorly developed transport infrastructure in the cross-border region and its accessibility and will be implemented from 20.03.2019 to 19.10.2022.

The main goal is to improve regional mobility by rehabilitation of the road infrastructure in the municipalities of Alexandria and Cherven Bryag, as well as to create joint mechanisms to facilitate the connection of tertiary nodes to the TEN-T infrastructure.

The project is financed by the Interreg V-A Program Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020 through the European Regional Development Fund, the Romanian and Bulgarian Governments.